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The inception of The Cake Saver arose from countless frustrating attempts to transport cakes and platters to special occasions, only to be plagued by clingfilm sticking to my carefully crafted masterpieces. I exhausted various methods, from using boxes and toothpicks to ill-fitting domes that failed to accommodate the serving plate, along with an array of other tactics. Despite my best efforts, my labours of love remained vulnerable.

Then, amidst a convergence of circumstances—the waning of the COVID-19 pandemic and an unexpected question posed to a group gathered around a campfire—”If you had to invent something, what would it be and what would you call it?”—a dormant idea within me awoke, brimming with potential.

Fast forward one year, and we proudly introduce the Cake Saver. A solution crafted especially for home bakers who have grappled with preserving their creations from the elements without sacrificing their pristine condition during transportation.

I extend a heat felt thanks to Murray for igniting the spark with his question, my mum Judith for her unwavering support, my brother Paul for blazing the trail, and People & Things for transforming my idea into a reality.


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