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Protect your stunning cakes and desserts with the Cake Saver.

Introducing the Cake Saver – your ultimate solution for safeguarding your exquisitely iced and decorated cakes during transportation or storage. Say goodbye to the frustration of clingfilm sticking to your beautifully crafted creations. This compact kitchen accessory acts as a protective frame, ensuring that your cakes remain flawless.

The Cake Saver effortlessly attaches directly to your serving plate, providing a secure shield for your cakes without compromising their presentation. Its lightweight design makes it a breeze to handle, while its reusable nature makes it an eco-friendly choice.

Designed with convenience in mind, this must-have kitchen gadget provides the peace of mind and protection your cakes deserve – bring home the Cake Saver today.



Made from high quality food grade materials


Designed to re-use and recycle at end of life


Stores easily in any kitchen drawer


Fits most plate profiles and shapes


The Cake Saver is a simple to use, versatile product that creates a frame over your cakes or creations providing a barrier between the clingfilm and your decorated masterpieces.

Simply clip the arms directly onto your serving plate, and cover with clingfilm, et voila! Your creation is protected from sticking to the clingfilm and the elements.

Say goodbye to bulky domes and ineffective toothpicks, the Cake Saver will protect your creations every time.


VERSATILEfits a wide range of plate shapes and profiles. Suitable for plates 28cm – 32cm in diameter.
COMPACTwhen not in use, the Cake Saver easily fits in your second drawer and conveniently folds to fit into any handbag to bring home after use.
SECURE CONTACT the arms of the Cake Saver keep the clingfilm in place, providing a tight seal to protect and keep your creations fresh.
EASY CLEAN UPwipe with a damp cloth

Colour Purple
Product Dimensions 65cm L x 3cm W x 2.5cm H
Special Features Compact, easy clean up, heat resistant, recyclable
To fit plate size 28cm – 32cm diameter

Warning: The Cake Saver is not intended to be a carrying device.  Do not lift your serving plate with the Cake Saver.

“Thank you Second Drawer Gadgets! Finally, an easy way to cover my cakes and desserts.  In fact I use it over savoury dishes as well!  The Cake Saver easily clips on to my different platters, bowls and casseroles. Love it!”

- Vicki

“For years, I’ve had my good work ruined with glad wrap, alfoil, and even sliding around under a Tupperware cake carrier.  Cake Saver is a simple but ingenious device.  My cakes arrive perfect every time.”

- Jeanine